cowcows customer service is useless

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cowcows customer service is useless

Post by Admin on Sun May 17, 2015 10:29 pm

i'm guessing there is only 1 customer service person & they obviously have never tried to make any products. every email I sent, i'd get a REALLY stupid reply or even worse some sort of insinuation that the cowcow glitches were somehow my fault. i asked of she could just open up an account to see what I was talking about(since 20 emails back & forth plus pictures still had not convinced her that it was not all in my head). of course she said no because i'm sure she still gets paid whether or not the problem is fixed. i wonder of she is the owner(I hope not).

I realize that cowcow is relatively new but the customer service people should know more about the website than I do. its pathetic & a main reason why I started this the short time I've been posting designs I've noticed 3 different glitches(none have been fixed or even acknowledged by cowcow "customer support")


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